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    This guy is the best of the best. I went to high school with his son and the elegado family is the most honest family I know.


    He dresses like no other and I see him ridin' dirty in his Hummer H2


    oh my god eric elegado is the sexiest man alive whenever i see his bus ads i get all hot a sweaty
    pleaaaassseee call me eric 241-6221

    im free whenever


    This guy is a crook. He added last minute "fees" and threatened to "bypass my offer" and go to another if I did not agree to it. He represented the seller, NOT me. I wouldn't hire this guy to wash my dog. I sued him court and won. He appealed and I won again. Run far and run fast from this guy. He's unethical, a liar, and dishonest.


    well - we can bail out all of these people with tax dollars for years to come...our children and grandchildren will be able to thank these real estate tools as well...post from above:

    Truth. you're sooo right cause i have people in my family who aren't even suppose to be in the home they're in now but he pulled some strings and got it for them. Honestly they are so out of range when it comes to income its not even funny.. But he got them the house they chose. It wasn't the smartest thing for them to do. but they wanted it and like i said before no one points a gun to your head and tells you to sign. You can always say NO. They are selling the one they bought from him and went back to him to look for another house to purchase.


    by the way - mr. eric has also foreclosed on properties recently...he still hides his cars by the dumpsters behind the commercial buildings off of huennekens and mira mesa..


    Its funny to look back upon this post back in 2006. 2010, 4 years later.. hes hurting real bad since all the shady deals hes done in the past finally are catching up. Right now his reputation in the Filipino community is very poor. I would warn everyone to stir clear of Eric Elegado.

    It is not slander or defamation when its true.


    Thanks for all the comments, both good and bad. My intention was never to offend anyone with the material things I have or use to have. Honestly, these are tough economic times for everyone, including myself and I don't play it off like I'm rich. I have never scammed or screwed anyone. There are always 2 sides to every story. I hope the haters feel better after bashing me on the internet. If it were up to me, I would rather they confront me in person. They know where to find me. I will continue to pray for those people as I cannot control what they say or do. I'm just a guy blessed to be doing what he loves... helping people with their real estate. And I'm definitely guilty of that!!


    he's a fake, egotistical, sales machine.

    Titi MO

    2011 it's time that everyone becomes fair. Eric will always be a sales person no matter what, so don't deal with him. He is only out to get your money, and as far as prayer is concerned, he always prays that God blesses him. SO SELFISH!


    anyone who says "I have never scammed or screwed anyone" is like the person who says "I have never lied or cheated or sinned". It's a dead giveaway when you say "I never"...only guilty prisoners say that.


    This has got to be the biggest joke of a site I have ever run across. I found this blog/website a few years ago and just fluffed it off as a few people who just made some bad decisions in the market and are now blaming Eric for it. To my surprise we are now in 2011 and people are still blaming him for there mistakes.
    All I can say about him is, Eric is a true man of God and someone I would most certainly do business with again. I also took a hit in the real estate market both personally and professionally but know that it had nothing to do with him or the way he conducts business.
    I know this about the man, While in one or two of my many financial crisis lol, Eric the business man reached down into his own pocket and helped me. This was not conditional upon any business being completed between us. In-fact, I would bet he doesn't even remember doing this. The 1st time this happen I believe was in 2002, and this was the moment I knew his true character.
    Keep your head up brother Eric, continue to focus on God while all watch your ascent. There will always be haters or people talking this is envy and jealousy. Know that you are on the right path.


    All you bashers/haters are a bunch poor bastards! Go find something to do with your lives. The guy that calls himself GOD, your shit is going down! If by now it hasn't.

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